How I put first things first so I avoid busying myself with disasters, distractions and interruptions! Plus a tool for your task management tool kit.
Spoiler: Using time containers as a motivator for conquering that list of things you need to get done.
Power-up your work from home productivity by upgrading your to-do list using what I call energy tagging.
This week we'll be exploring how energy tagging your to-do list can power-up your productivity
#002 How I Simplified the GTD Method for Motherhood and Solopreneurship Listen now (8 min) | I found it challenging to apply the GTD method so I decided to create my own version.
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As a solopreneur juggling family life with building a business, I found it challenging to apply the GTD method, despite loving many aspects of it. So I…
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February 2023

#001 Practical Tips for Using a Paper Planner to Get Things DoneListen now (6 min) | Improve your productivity and achieve your goals with the habit of using a planner
I have a simplified approach for getting things done that's worth trying
Top tip for achievable to do listsWatch now (55 sec) |
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