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Are you:

  • A solo creative business owner?

  • Juggling family life with building your own business?

  • Hunting for how-tos on functional planning?

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Planning with Chloe

Who is Chloe?
I’m a professional graphic designer, ex web developer and mum of 3 who found a knack for planning on paper.

Why a newsletter?
I love productivity and personal development but felt insulted by the platitudes espoused by child-free millennials (usually male - sorry bro), that was completely unrelatable to my lifestyle. So I did something about it!

What is Planning with Chloe?
Each week I round up a productivity ‘hack’ that I’ve experimented with in a way that’s relatable for busy folks with kids. Plus, each month I share one of my a planner printable with paid members ;-)

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Chloe Crisp

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